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Spooky Services provides a variety of internal services for free for everyone to use. This hub acts as the Authentication Platform, Resources, and the Forum of Spooky Services.
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Spookhost Release 2023.9.02 Updates were done in the past month, we are excited to announce the new release! Client Portal v3.1 - Hosting Accounts are now Spaces!    - To prevent the confusion between a normal account. - [New, Feature] SSL Certificate Algorithm option (EC 256, EC 384, RSA 2048) - [New, Feature] SSL Certificate Authority option (Let's Encrypt and Google Trust Services are added)   - ACME CAs' CNAME Validation record will not be changed, making renewals faster and easier.   - There are no plans to remove GoGetSSL, as it has its advantages over the others. - [Improvement] If CertAuto is enabled on LE or GTS, the certificate can be issued instantly on request if the CNAME is already prepared (e.g. a certificate renewal) - [Improvement] On SSL Certificate request, the system will now redirect you directly to the SSL Management page instead of the SSL List page. - [Improvement] On Support Ticket creation, the system will now redirect you directly to the ticket Management page instead of the ticket List page. - [Improvement] On Support Ticket creation, the option to select a related Space is added. - [Improvement] Added Support Ticket States: `Normal` and `Forwarded`.   - Normal: A Normal Ticket, the default state.   - Forwarded: The ticket has been forwarded to the spaces management team. - [Patch] Fixed Hosting Accounts deactivation (again)   Control Panel v2.0.1 - [Improvement] Site Builder option added.   File Manager - [Experiment] The BETA File Manager powered by Filestash is now available via the Client Portal.   - There are no plans to remove the current File Manager powered by Monsta FTP, as it has its advantages over Filestash.   phpMyAdmin - [Improvement] phpMyAdmin is now on the domain `phpmyadmin.spookhost.space`, and SSL is deployed.   Website Builder - [Improvement] Now the Website Builder will not automatically log out on reload.
19 days ago
The account appears to be incorrectly flagged, it has been reactivated.
about 1 month ago
Hello, Please wait while we are checking your issue, updates will be provided in your support ticket.
about 1 month ago
Hello, The cloudflare validation issue going on with the tickets is solved, thank you!
about 1 month ago
It appears that the Cron Jobs feature on Spookhost has been disabled. on 9th August 2023.   What happened? The Cron Jobs feature on Spookhost has been disabled by iFastNet. The creation of new cron jobs is no longer available. Existing Cron Jobs will no longer function.   Why? It has appeared that many Cron Jobs created are for invalid or inactive URLs. This results in servers being overloaded by cron jobs, but only a few of them are actually useful. This affects other websites that are hosted on the same server. Due to this, to ensure maximum performance on most websites, the decision to remove the Cron Jobs feature was made.   How to resolve this? There are no ways to resolve it on Free Hosting, if you would like to use the Cron Job functionality, please consider upgrading to Premium Hosting.   Some information is provided by InfinityFree
about 1 month ago